Everyday Points and Ranks

Each member gains points on certain activities we call them Everyday Points or (EP). The basic points that everyone acquires first is the, ‘registration point’. The more points you collect the higher in rank you become. The higher in rank the more member perks and prizes!

How it works

Everyday Points for clicking on link to: TBAEP 2-
Everyday Points for referring a new memberEP 2No limit
Everyday Points for being a member for a yearEP 2-
Everyday Points for becoming a memberEP 10-
Everyday Points for published contentEP 1Maximum 10 times per day
Everyday Points for product reviewEP 2Maximum once per day
Everyday Points for logging inEP 1Maximum 3 times per day

If you, like us, love coupons and want to share you favorite’s with us. We would love to have them and give you points for them too. This is what we call ‘Published Content’. You can submit 10 coupons per day for one Everyday Point per coupon.

Also, we may or may not have products available for purchase but if we do and you decide to order one of our listed items. We encourage you to write a review and tell the world about your experience with us and your purchase. You will receive two Everyday Points for each review and can review a single item once per day.

Everyday Coupons loves to have you around! So, every time you log in we will give you a point for that to. You can only make up to three points with each log in, although you can log in as much as you like.

You can earn badges as you complete tasks and achievements like, your ‘first referral’ or ‘The submission expert’ based on referrals and how many coupons you submit.

Each rank you graduate to can be viewed in account page

There (my profile/account page) you will see your point balance, Total balance since your rank upgrade, your Everyday Coupon referral link, to refer your friends and family and earn points. Your rank, member badge, pending point purchases and your earned points history.

You can also buy points.

When you reach a certain number of points you will be automatically upgraded to the next level rank. You have the option to either keep your points or trade in your points for merchandise while keeping your new ranked status. Check out our prize page for the products we have available for Everyday Points trade-in.