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It all started with the Gerber family

Dorothy Gerber started straining solid foods for her 7-month-old daughter Sally. After repeating this process many times, Dan Gerber pointed out that the work of straining fruits and vegetables could be easily done at their canning business, based in Fremont, Michigan. Workers in the plant began requesting samples for their own babies, and the legacy of Gerber® baby foods began.

Clean Field Farming


We're building on our commitment to the Clean Field Farming practice and striving for even bigger things. In our new partnership with TerraCycle, we're working to make all our packaging 100% nationally recyclable. Together, we're working to ensure our little ones can live in a world that's as pure as they are.

Gerber Nutritional Journey


We’ve got the Gerber Nutrition Journey: a milestone based plan dedicated to helping babies grow up healthy and happy. We take pride in knowing that everything we do for our little ones extends from Pregnancy to Preschooler.