Giorgio Armani Beauty (Loreal USA)

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For the eleventh year running, Giorgio Armani’s Acqua for Life initiative continues to help provide the most deprived communities around the world access to safe, clean water. This global commitment, supported by a 9M€ investment to date, has reached over 217,000 people via 413 water supply systems installed across the world, with the campaign continuously encouraging active engagement to raise awareness.



Giorgio Armani Beauty’s durability ambition covers a wide range of initiatives including refillable product formats, scalable boutiques with reusable modules and packaging made of PCR-recycled plastic and glass. This ambitious and lasting overall design strategy is thus infused from the very early stage of any project until it comes to life.

“I love things that stand the test of time.”



From the strict use of materials to the dialogue between nature as an inspiration, and the timelessness that characterize Giorgio Armani’s creations, the brand’s vision is strongly embodied.

Operating a responsible global beauty business reflect the Italian designer’s original values, and translates in three crucial areas: products and materials durability, ingredients sourcing and commitment against water scarcity.



Climate change is one of the world's most pressing challenges, and an ever-growing concern for citizens across the globe. To contribute to the sustainable transformation that the world both needs and expects, Armani beauty has decided to focus its efforts on its carbon emissions. Combined with the preservation of critical forests in Northern Zimbabwe and in Madagascar and their unique biodiversity, they allowed the brand to achieve carbon neutrality on MY WAY in 2020. As a result of a new, 5- year action plan, Armani beauty also commits to further reducing its carbon footprint by an additional 25% and to achieve carbon neutrality for all its products by 2025.

“I believe that environmental issues should be close to everyone’s heart, now more than ever.”