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We have teammates around the world and across a diverse global spectrum of talent and expertise who are continuously to evolving the breadth and quality of experiences we deliver in our online marketplace. By connecting customers with our business partners virtually anytime, anywhere, we are dedicated to supporting local commerce on a global scale.


We Help Drive Business


Our support for local businesses goes beyond a simple listing in our global marketplace. We believe that local businesses are the backbone of every successful community, and our teammates work tirelessly to help spread the word about our partner businesses in order to help them expand their reach and bring on new customers. To do that, Groupon connects our business partners to our loyal customer base of 34 million active customers.

We Connect Customers to New Experiences


Our Impact on Local

By enabling real-time mobile commerce across local businesses, live events and travel destinations, Groupon helps customers discover experiences––big and small, new and familiar––that make for a full, fun and rewarding life.

Using Our Platform to
Support Communities

We’re proud to leverage our platform to uplift local communities and diverse small businesses across the globe through our social media and marketing efforts.