Vital Proteins

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Direct from Vital Proteins

About Us

HOW IT STARTED A message from our founder, Kurt Seidensticker I launched Vital Proteins in 2013 with one goal in mind: To help others live fuller, more vibrant lives. The road to launching Vital Proteins began a few years ago, around the same time I began experiencing knee discomfort from running. I had always been an avid runner, so the setback was enough to spark my search for a product that would help support my joint health. After much research, I found that incorporating ingestible collagen into my diet was the answer since nutrient-rich foods don’t provide enough of the amino acids needed for the body to naturally produce collagen. Things changed for me after that. It only made sense to share collagen’s hair, skin, nails and joints benefits** with others so they, too, could reach their full potential and upgrade their wellness routines with every scoop, stir & sip. That’s why we continue to deliver a wide range of premium collagen products to better fit every type of lifestyle – no matter how busy or active – and to provide the tools needed for a more fulfilling wellness routine. I’m so happy you get to experience it, too, now. Welcome to the VP family! Stay Vital, Kurt Seidensticker, CEO