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This is our Walmart
And we’re proud of it. Take an inside look and hear directly from our associates on why they love working here.
Our Commitment
Quality products at everyday low prices – that’s the promise Sam Walton made when he started Walmart, and it’s as true today more than 50 years later. We consider it both our mission and our privilege to give Canadians access to the products they need at the prices they can afford, both in stores and online at

Our Business

Walmart is honoured to be one of Canada’s largest employers. And we continue growing, by adding more services, including online shopping at, home delivery, and pickup at stores and other locations. Every day, we help move our country’s economy forward by working with more than 2,200 Canadian suppliers. We’re also creating jobs and opportunities for people of all backgrounds and helping strengthen communities across the country.
Walmart Canada
Walmart has grown to more than 100,000 associates who serve our customers with pride and commitment, either online or in one of our more than 400 stores nationwide. To find a store near you, visit

Walmart Worldwide
We’ve come a long way from that small discount store in Arkansas! Today, we have more than 10,500 retail units under 48 banners in 24 countries and e-commerce websites. To find out more about Walmart locations around the world, please click here.
Our eCommerce site,, is visited by more than 900,000 Canadians daily, who can choose from millions of items sold by Walmart and third-party sellers to fit their needs. We make sure their service experience is as amazing as it is in our stores.
Logistics and Fleet
Twelve distribution centres, 270 tractors, 3,900 trailers and 500 drivers travelling over 38 million kilometres each year – that’s what it takes to get products to our more than 400 stores across Canada. A task of that scale requires nothing short of magic, and yet that’s what our team of 5,300 logistics and fleet experts deliver every single day.
Walmart Financial
Simple products, superior service and unbeatable value – those are the “must dos” for Walmart Financial. We achieve these goals by offering a full range of financial solutions including credit cards, pre-paid cards, money transfer services, and insurance.